SSL deployed confusedly when replace the other valid one

Thing like this

After changed a new valid certificate,Netlify server still displayed the old one.
Can you help me purge the cache,though i know netlify CDN has instant cache invalidation
or check that?


And more images are as follows,



Sorry to say I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. We don’t host any site called which appears to be what you’re talking about?

What Netlify site are you trying to reconfigure? Please be aware that DNS changes will not automatically update the SSL certificate unless:

  1. we are managing your SSL certificate (you didn’t upload a custom one)
  2. all domain names shown in the domain settings for your site have valid DNS pointing to (only!) netlify
  3. those domain names’ settings have completely propagated - until they do we can’t update the certificate. If there’s a wrong setting on one name, it will likely block ANY certificate update…

Thanks but the problem has been settled.
It was because the dns record pointed to a old netlify cdn ip address(formerly netlify amazon japan cdn).After deleted and reseted a new cname to the example url,it worked.