[solved] How to use a subdomain with a domain not managed by Netlify?


I have a domain not managed by Netlify: mydomain.com
I don’t want to manage it by Netlify because 95% of the declared subdomains are not handled by Netlify … and I would like now to use a sub.mydomain.com pointing to a Netlify project.

Is it possible?
I failed to configure sub.mydomain.com as a custom domain for my Netlify project.

What I tried

  • I declared the 4 Netlify’s NS servers as NS records for the domain sub.mydomain.com
  • I declared sub.mydomain.com in the screen “Add a custom domain to your site”
    I received the error “Another site is already using this domain”. Of course, no other site is using this domain because I’ve just declared it.

Thank you

Hi @dlecan, and welcome to our Community!

If your mydomain.com is not currently on a Netlify site this is indeed unexpected. What you are trying to do is a common use case and definitely possible. Although we do recommend not using Netlify name servers and instead using a CNAME DNS record for that subdomain to point to your [your-site-name].netlify.com so you can use our CDN.

I would like to investigate. Could you provide the actual subdomain you are trying to use? If you are not comfortable sharing it here, you can send it to us at support@netlify.com. Thanks!

I’ve seen with the support: my issue came from the use of the same domain mydomain.com in several teams with different subdomains.

I’ve moved all related project in the same common Netlify organization and my issue was fixed.

Thank you.

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