So I have a site I'm a little proud of. It's just a dad joke api and front end all in one

But I think it’s pretty great. I would love your suggestions to improve it.

Link to the site:
Link to the repo:

It uses static site in /public to serve the page. The next joke button just fetches a joke of the 700+ . That payload of the jokes isn’t loaded on page load though, just one from the api .netlify/functions/server

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I have a few suggestions, all meant to be constructive and in the interest of bringing things perhaps a little more up to date and some good learning:

  • Bootstrap is on v4.3.1 now, you’re using very little functionality so if you wanted to learn a bit of SASS it’s a good oppotunity
  • You need jQuery for Bootstrap but perhaps try doing the same with vue.js it would be pretty easy and good learning just using their standard documentation (no need for the CLI tools)
  • Try using axios for your API calls in conjunction with the above

Thankfully I haven’t used any of the jokes on my kids… yet!

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I love the ideas. I’ll look into vue.js. Yea, I could also just go w/o all the things I may try that first. Thanks!