Slow download speed

I have a pre-production site due to go live in a couple of weeks, and we’re experiencing very slow content download speeds from Netlify. I’m on the Pro plan and can’t post the site name publicly.

Just isolating a single 1.1Mb image file, I get content download time of 928.78 ms (~9.5 Mbps). Google speed test measures my connection’s download speed at 280.5Mbps.

I would expect the Netlify CDN to be much faster than this. Trying to understand if this is possibly a configuration issue on our end, or what we can do to achieve faster page load speeds when simply retrieving the assets on first page view is so slow?

Anonymized har file

@mchaines Welcome to the Netlify community. Not judging, but just so you know it’s going to be tough to troubleshoot something we can’t see.