Sitemap is invalid

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to send a Sitemap generated by gatsby-sitemap-plugin.
But when I try to add the sitemap to google, I have “Invalid Sitemap” issue.

Googling around I’m not the only with this problem and, seems is related to permission.

Any help?


Hi Giacomo,

As I think I mentioned to you, we can’t really speak to what google thinks about your contents :slight_smile: I did suggest to you the same thing I’d suggest to anyone who wrote in about it:

  1. make sure your build outputs a correct sourcemap, likely by downloading your build as shown in the screenshot (and following the instructions in) this article, to confirm the format is built properly.
  1. if not, debug your build
  2. if so, if you could share a link to your sitemap, I could take a look at our internal logs to see if there have been download errors.
  3. once we resolve 2/3, then if things don’t work, you’d need to contact google about how their service works.

Many customers use sitemaps from netlify successfully so I believe you can succeed and that this isn’t a general brokenness, and happy to help debug as far as we can on our service, once you get things started as described there.