Site launch problem

Dear Sirs,
I have a problem with my site, i cannot open, which is powered by your platform. I contacted the domain provider and they tell me that the site is associated with 4 IP addresses, while it should be just one. Can you tell me the right one so that I can insert it there and make it work? Or otherwise, in case the problem would be different, could you help me out in solving it?
Thank you. Jacopo

Your site is working, I clicked on it

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I am afraid it’s not, because when I open it with my laptop it sends me back to the domain provider page or tells me that it does not open because of security reasons (when I directly click on the link provided on the netlify page)

. Also with other laptops it doesn’t work.
However, if I get access through my phone, it works.
Can you please check if there is something wrong with IP or DNS?
Thank you very much.

Here the other page.

Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge but I opened it with a computer, on Google Chrome. I’m seeing this : “Nelson Bighetti is a professor of artificial intelligence at the Stanford AI Lab. His research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing”

Le jeu. 12 déc. 2019 à 19:43, jacopotozzo via Netlify Community a écrit :

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I think this is probably something related to your network settings on your computer. The DNS and IP settings look 100% normal and correct to me:

$ host is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2604:a880:2:d0::21e9:c001
$ host has address

so I suspect a local networking problem rather than one on the internet. You are likely the only person who can’t load your site…