Simple HTML form not working on Gatsby site

I have a very simple form on my Gatsby site which I simply want to redirect to a /thanks page after submission. I’ve followed the docs but I’ve got 2 issues.

The first is that when submitting on the Netlify hosted version, there is a flash of the Gatsby 404 page before it then redirects to the /thanks page. This doesn’t happen locally.

The second is that the form submissions so not appear to be working. Despite being redirected to the /thanks page there are no submissions showing in my admin panel, not even under the spam submissions. The form itself (rsvp) does show in the admin panel.

I have tried manually adding the hidden input field as described in this thread but it hasn’t made any difference Form and Gatsby - 404 on submit.

  <div hidden>
      Don’t fill this out if you're human:{" "}
      <input name="bot-field" />
  <Input name="name" label="Name(s)" required />
  <Input type="email" name="email" label="Email address" required />
    label="Any dietary requirements?"
  <Button type="submit">Send RSVP</Button>

Can you please post the generated html, perhaps a live link to it would be even better?
That being said, i’m not seeing in the posted code anything which might generate the:
<input type="hidden" name="form-name" value="name-of-form" />
markup. This is mentioned many times in the post you linked.

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@guerillaradio, I agree with @zltnvrs about posting a bit more information and a good first step would be to provide a live link for us to take a look at.