Signing up for netlify with google

How do we sign up with a google account? At the sign up page I am only offered GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. If we’ve already signed up can we switch from email/password to solely one of these accounts?

Hi @JamieKay! Welcome to our community!

Are you able to select the email option on the signup page:


Yes. If I sign up with a gmail account will that automatically integrate google sign in?

@JamieKay, we don’t offer a Google (or Facebook) based sign-on to Netlify at this time.

We support Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub sign-ons because of how Netlify works in tandem with these Git service providers (specifically how this enables a continuous deployment workflow).

While you can log on using one of those services, this doesn’t disable the email based log in. Is that a requirement for you - disabling email/password based logins for your user/team and using the Git service provider login only?

In the thread that my question was split from Frances says that one workaround for the lack of 2FA is to sign up with your google account, is this incorrect?

I goofed! I’m so used to signing in for everything at work with my Google account that I forgot that’s not actually a provider on Netlify itself.

We’ve got it on a wishlist for the future, though (some folks also would like twitter).

Thanks for owning up :slight_smile:

You also said that signing up with a github account would afford the same level of protection, but Luke says above that you can’t disable email based login, who is correct there?

It might be worth mentioning these issues on the thread that Perry split my post from.

Luke isn’t wrong. In my other thread I had meant if you had signed up with that provider.

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Ok, I see, you have to sign up with a GitHub login in the first place, you can’t disable username/password logins once you’ve signed up. Thanks for clearing that up.

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