Scaling documentation - What works? What doesn't? What went horribly, terribly wrong? 😬


Here at Netlify, we’re scaling our documentation practices to keep pace with our growing product and company. We’re working on reorganizing our docs, building a style guide with the intention to use linting to automate style adherence, and documenting our processes for docs-driven development.

I’m sure many of you are working on similar challenges now or have in the past.

What’s something you’re proud of that’s helped your docs scale?

Do you have a lesson learned the hard way that you’d like to share to help others avoid the same pitfalls in their journeys to scale their documentation practices? Share it here!

One thing I’ve been struggling with is setting aside time to make progress on these projects when there’s more than enough work just documenting new/updated product features to fill up my days. Last sprint I added an item to our sprint planning board for creating a docs template for new features. Estimating and scheduling this internal work as we do for customer-facing work was a huge help! After thinking about it for months I finally created the template and made it available to my colleagues for use as part of our docs-driven development process.

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