Request to unlink Netlify site and GitHub repository

Hi @kobekoto - that’s curious! When I test that flow here, the Authorised window pops open and then closes as expected. There must be more to this we’re not seeing.

Do you have any browser extensions installed that might affect how popup windows or cross-window communication is handled? That’s not usual, but it’s a possibility.

The other thing you can try is to go into GitHub Settings and to Applications and to remove the Netlify app from both the Installed and Authorised app tabs. When you try to link your repo from Netlify again, you’ll be taken through the process to reauthorise them. It’s basically like turning it off and on again :nerd_face:

Let us know if that gets you any further. I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your patience while we do!

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Hi Perry,
Thanks for your prompt reply, in the meantime I have managed to achieve pushing the site folder from my local computer to Github and then continuously deploying to Netlify. It is working perfectly now, so I would like to leave it linked after all. Sorry to trouble with this and thanks for the excellent support.


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you’re welcome andrew! we’ll just leave it as is, then :+1:

I’d have to debug and get back to you, but launching it in incognito fixed the issue for the time being.

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@kobekoto that’s great to hear. Keep us updated and certainly don’t suffer in silence if you can’t get it resolved. And congrats on the launch!

I would also like to unlink my site from Github. Could you help please? The site name is: optimistic-wiles-cbac69

Thank you.

Hi, @holger. Unlinked! :+1:

Hi, I would like to unlink my github repo so I can deploy it manually via CI.
Site name: react-ecomm

Thanks in advance!

hey @malcolmkee, we took care of that for you.

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Can I have my site be unlinked from GitHub. I want the box to drag the build folder.
Site is serene-jennings-f1d1b7

Many Thanks in advance.

hiya, got that unlinked for you. you should be able to drag n drop now.

Hay, I want my site unlinked from github entirely, Could you please unlink it. i want drag and drop box back. here is the site name: elated-mayer-3279fe . Many many thanks

Hey there,

I’ve gone ahead and unlinked this for you, @hassan_m1972. :+1:

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