Request to unlink Netlify site and GitHub repository

@fool would you be able to do the same for draftbit-design - or if there’s a way for me to control this I can do it?

sure thing, tis done.

Hi, I hope you can’t help.
I would also like to unlink my site from Github and upload my files manually instead
Since I’m not using a builder (Gulp, Gatsby) I’m a bit confused on how to deploy my site via Github

site name: mystifying-spence-be02b0
redirects to

hi @kspmultimedia,

if you are not using a builder, you can manually add your files to a git repo, commit, push, and we will deploy it from there. If there is no “build step” our platform is smart enough to detect that and just pushes the html etc out to our cdn nodes as is.

The benefit of leaving the site linked to github is that you do not have to manually trigger a reploy. You can literally just do some work, save, add, commit, push, and we do the rest.

Do you still want to switch off continuous integration?

I will try your method and will get back to you if I need any help
Thank you!

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sounds good. You may be able to play around with this yourself:

So I didn’t have any luck. It’s been a while since I’ve had to use github so the issue is probably on my end
Please unlink github from my account. Thank you!


ok, have done so for you.

Hi, I also would like to have my github repo completely removed from my site.
redirects to:


Hey, I’ve unlinked that for you!

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Hi, I also would like to have my github repo completely removed from my site.


we unlinked that repo for you, @kylesloper!

I would also like to unlink my site from Github and upload my files manually instead.



hi andrew, we’re happy to take care of this for you. Can you tell me the netlify site name (not custom domain) or the API ID please? thanks.

@perry I’ve also run into a similar issue with API ID: 3f6edde9-e616-4f34-b7d4-437e78b4553d.

When I click on the Link to a new repository link it opens up a new iframe but just has a screen that says Authorized, which in an ideal workflow would take me to Step 2 in your process.

I’d like to deploy a new repository I created over the weekend (a NuxtJS app) as opposed to my previous repo (a Vue SPA app) to the same URL that API ID is linked to.

Also, I’d like to re-enable auto-publishing once I’m able to link and unlink repos.

Thanks in advance, and man I’d love to say I absolutely love what you guys are doing for the community.

Netlify is such a great tool.

Hi @kobekoto - that’s curious! When I test that flow here, the Authorised window pops open and then closes as expected. There must be more to this we’re not seeing.

Do you have any browser extensions installed that might affect how popup windows or cross-window communication is handled? That’s not usual, but it’s a possibility.

The other thing you can try is to go into GitHub Settings and to Applications and to remove the Netlify app from both the Installed and Authorised app tabs. When you try to link your repo from Netlify again, you’ll be taken through the process to reauthorise them. It’s basically like turning it off and on again :nerd_face:

Let us know if that gets you any further. I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your patience while we do!

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Hi Perry,
Thanks for your prompt reply, in the meantime I have managed to achieve pushing the site folder from my local computer to Github and then continuously deploying to Netlify. It is working perfectly now, so I would like to leave it linked after all. Sorry to trouble with this and thanks for the excellent support.


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you’re welcome andrew! we’ll just leave it as is, then :+1:

I’d have to debug and get back to you, but launching it in incognito fixed the issue for the time being.

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@kobekoto that’s great to hear. Keep us updated and certainly don’t suffer in silence if you can’t get it resolved. And congrats on the launch!