Request to unlink Netlify site and GitHub repository

Hi, I’ve found on the forum that the only way to unlink a Netlify site and GitHub repo is via this forum. Can you please unlink

Hi draftbit,

depending on what you are trying to do, you may be able to accomplish this yourself.

Are you trying to connect your netlify account to a different repo? If yes, you can edit the settings in

Settings > Build & Deploy > Continuous Deployment

if you are trying to do something different, do you mind explaining? thanks.

Hi Perry,

We deploy to Netlify via the CLI in our CI pipeline, so we don’t want to have Netlify building needlessly every time a commit gets pushed in our GitHub repo. Per these posts, the only way to do this is via the forum:

OK, do you want to unlink entirely? For right now I’ve turned off automatic builds (via commits), which means you can still build via other webhook you configure (here:, or by pushing the button in our UI.

If you want it the rest of the way unlinked can help with that too, just let me know.

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@fool I think that should work - basically, we don’t want to be needlessly using up build minutes when we just deploy via the CLI in our CI pipeline. Will let you know if we run into any other issues - thank you!


@fool would you be able to do the same for draftbit-design - or if there’s a way for me to control this I can do it?

sure thing, tis done.

Hi, I hope you can’t help.
I would also like to unlink my site from Github and upload my files manually instead
Since I’m not using a builder (Gulp, Gatsby) I’m a bit confused on how to deploy my site via Github

site name: mystifying-spence-be02b0
redirects to

hi @kspmultimedia,

if you are not using a builder, you can manually add your files to a git repo, commit, push, and we will deploy it from there. If there is no “build step” our platform is smart enough to detect that and just pushes the html etc out to our cdn nodes as is.

The benefit of leaving the site linked to github is that you do not have to manually trigger a reploy. You can literally just do some work, save, add, commit, push, and we do the rest.

Do you still want to switch off continuous integration?