Request to increase functions timeout

Per this article: [Common Issue] Functions 101 & Debugging I am making a request here (I have also contacted sales per this article: to discuss increasing our timeout from 10s on our netlify functions.

This is an urgent request for a site with an impending launch.

Thank you!

Hi Micah,

Updated function timeouts are quick to set but:

  1. you must upgrade to Functions level 1 (see for us to apply custom settings. I’m not sure what site you’re working with, but you can find the place to do it from the “Functions” "tab’ of the nav area, by clicking on the “Settings and Usage” button in the top card. The URL will look like:

  1. we will change the setting within about 12 hours of you reporting that you’ve upgraded (we’ll first verify). Once we have updated it, you will need to deploy a CHANGED COPY of the function in some way - e.g. add a character to a logline - so that the checksum of the function changes. That is the only way we “redeploy” the function, which activates the new setting.

Let us know which site or sites you’ve upgraded on, and we’ll get it done as soon as we can but definitely within 12 hours.