Request to increase functions timeout for long running API processes

We’re looking to increase our functions timeouts since we’re having to call some long running API processes which occasionally spill over the 10 second limit we are currently under. We are running functions level 1 on this site.

Hi, @elijahdisch, we can increase the timeout to a maximum of 28 seconds. Please note, a new deploy of the function (one which changes the checksum for the function) is required for the change to take effect.

Also, this is a site setting and not an account wide setting. I can apply the setting to all sites if you want, however.

Would you please confirm which sites need the function limit raised? Also, if you prefer for all sites to have the new setting, would you then just confirm which account this should be done fore?

Hey Luke, thanks for the quick response. We would like to bump the limits just for the ma-dash site under the ma team I am in.

Hi, @elijahdisch, the time limit has been increased for this site. Just a reminder, the function does need to be redeployed for this to take effect. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you! I didn’t realise I could use the form for these types of requests with a Pro team plan. Will keep that in mind for the future. Cheers.

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