Request to have form removed from dashboard

Netlify Site Name: festive-snyder-5e668e
Custom Domain:

Hello all, I have two requests that I would like some help with.

  1. I would like to see if I can request that a Netlify Form (that is no longer active on the site) be removed from the Forms Dashboard. The form that needs to be removed is called 5-star-contact.

  2. I have been having intermittent 500 internal server errors for some reason after initially deploying my site. The intermittent drops seem to only be happening within my private network. Whether LAN or Wi-Fi. Would anyone be able to help with this? The problem seems to be specific (when it is happening) to all browsers except for Firefox. Pretty confusing.

Hey @Tqmartin,

  1. Form has been deleted!
  2. Hmmm… that is very strange. I just checked our logs for any 500s returned for your site and don’t see any returned by us over the last 48h. Your DNS looks to me to be configured correctly (:tada:) and you have a valid SSL certificate. So from our end, everything looks right. There could be some kind of firewall in place where you are? Or browser extensions interrupting the connection? I’m not sure, but that’s where I’d start looking.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help! Yeah I think something is going awry on the browsers and possibly in my internal network. It doesn’t happen with any other site. Including another Netlify hosted site I have on another account. Very strange. But thank you for your help with the Form!