Request: select region for functions on pro plan

I honestly think that you should be able to select a default region (or request a region) for free if you are on the pro plan. Not every website needs the functions level 1 plan. As a European customer if feels really strange that it defaults to US-EAST. The extra latency is a shame, it feels strange that if I would have been based in the USA I would have no need to upgrade to functions level 1 for simple websites. Keep the limits etc. the same, but just allow different regions. " The fastest way to
build the fastest sites." should also work for us Europeans :).

It would be great if Netlify could reconsider this. Maybe just for the Pro plan?

Hey @witweb,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We do have an existing functions-related discussion open behind-the-scenes so I’ll add your voice to the mix.

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I was wondering if there are any upcoming changes considering the new pricing plans?

Hi, @witweb, there is no update as this time. If this does change, we will post an update here to let you know about it.