Request for site ownership transfer

I would like to transfer ownership of this site:
to the Netlify user
I don’t need to retain access for this site.

Many thanks in advance!

Small question: I wondered if this the “official” way to exchange ownership between 2 free-plan users, or if I missed another way of solving this. Is this procedure going to change in the future? Is there a limit on how often I can do these ownership transfers?

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Hi @Alexa! Welcome to netlify community.

I will follow up with an email to confirm and complete your request.

Good questions! This is currently the official way and there is no limit as to how many times you can request a transfer. Hopefully someday we will have a way for customers to self-serve on this! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick support!

Hi, Alexa. It looks like we are still waiting for a reply to the email we sent.

Please let us know here or in the email if there are any questions/issues.

Hi Luke! Sorry for the late reply. It worked out, thanks!