Remove staging completely

Hey, we’ve completed a project and removed password protection from it, but now our old staging-- is still available without a password. That’s really not ideal! As far as I can see, it’s not possible to remove it completely within the Netlify interface.
We created another staging project manually which we password protect for future development, so that’s fine, but the previous non-protected one, we would like to remove.

To sum up, our situation looks like this:

  • <-- public without a password. Keep
  • staging-- <-- public without a password. Remove
  • <-- private with password. Keep

Is it possible for someone from Netlify to go in and remove it?

Due to the nature of the project I can’t link the site name here publicly in the forum. I would appreciate sharing it in a PM if possible.

Thanks, Nikolaj

Hi, @Staus. The only way to delete deploys or branch subdomains is to delete the site.

There is no way to delete an individual deploy at this time. Because there is no way to delete a single deploy, it is also not possible to delete branch subdomains at this time.

The only way to delete the branch subdomain or previous deploys is to delete the site itself. This will delete all deploys for the site, which also includes the branch subdomains you are referring to.

You can then recreate the site with the same repo and the previous deploy history will be deleted.

As you will probably want to keep the site online while doing this, the usual workflow would be this:

  • Make a new site using the same repo (and making no changes to the original site).
  • Confirm the new site is building correctly (to make sure all required environment variables and other settings are also working on the new site).
  • Once the new site is working, move the custom domain from the existing site to the new one.
  • After the custom domain is confirmed to be working correctly on the new site, delete the original site.

If you have any concerns about which site is showing for the custom domain (because the two sites are identical for example), please let us know. Our support team has tools to confirm exactly which site is being served even if they are the same.

​Please let us know if there are questions and we will be happy to answer.