_redirects is work, but when i build some prerender it ignore exists page

_redirects is work, but when i build some prerender page it ignore exists page
make my prerender is no use

# Netlify settings for single-page application
/*    /index.html    200

all page still going /index.html

Hmm, not sure exactly what you’re asking. Could you tell me a URL that fails to behave as you’re expecting, so I can dig into it a bit more?




when view source on web

should see this

but in realy

this is mean , tool/cjk-conv/index.html didn’t load on web site

ir still going /index.html

Hi there, I’m actually seeing two different pages load:


u need use view source for see it

The file I find here:


… is the same file found in the deployed files for this path tool/cjk-conv/index.html. Both have an MD5 checksum of a2baad7eaf27f4e27c8b689926cc791e.

You can confirm this by using the “download deployed files” button shown in the screenshot below:

So, we are serving the expected content for this path.

Do you want the site not to serve this file for this path? Or should the generated file be different in some way?

In other words, we are serving what is built. Should the redirect to /index.html override any existing files? Or do you expect the generated file to be different?

To force a redirect, even for existing files, add an exclamation mark (!) to the end of the status code like so:

/*    /index.html    200!

If the generated file is incorrect, please let us know.

thx, after download zip

looks like is generated file fail for prerender
at my local env it is prerender correct

somehow it fail on server side build…

i need check it whats happen lol

Great - here’s how you can check, by using our build image locally and examining the build output. Easier than downloading a copy from our UI :slight_smile:

i don’t know what i miss

@bluelovers have you tried building in our build image to see what the difference is?


i can’t start use build image, it show me error like

but i change use 2 prerender setting (one for local, one for netlify), now it is prerender well

Glad that you got it working! :tada: