Redirects effecting lambda functions

I have created some lambda functions which worked fine locally however when I have uploaded them my app is not working.

When going directly to my api call from the url I am being served my 404 page.
Is this due to my _redirect file which I created to allow for react router to work?

/* /index.html 200

If this is the case what should it be changed to?

i have tried this
/.netlify/functions/:function /.netlify/functions/:function 200

/* /index.html 200

the redirects playground says this is fine but the deploy says Invalid /.netlify path in redirect source
what is the issue?

Hi @AG-Labs can you let us know which site this is happening on so we can check? Thanks.

Fixed it now.
I did not have the netlify-labda build code in my package.json.
The tutorial I was following did not have this key part included :confused:

Glad you got that fixed!