Redirect not working on a published deploy

I set up a _redirects on my website so when some goes to mydomain/blog/ it redirects to my blog hosted on netlify which is in another repository. I did this just yesterday and it was working correctly. Today, however, it has seemed to stop working.

The redirect works correctly when a deploy isn’t published, but as soon as I publish that deploy, the redirect stops working.

Can somebody help?

Without knowing more about your configuration and what you’re tying to do, it’s difficult to see what the problem might be. Have you checked that your _redirects file is configured correctly?

You can read more about how redirects work on Netlify here:-

My _redirects file is configured properly. I know this because the redirect works in deploys that aren’t published.

Here is the code in the redirects file:
/blog/* 200!

I followed this tutorial to host both my blog and portfolio website on the same domain even though they are in separate repositories.

The redirects work in non-published deploys, but not in the ones which are deployed.

Mods can close this one. The redirect seems to be working again.

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thanks for the update! we’ll take care of it :slight_smile: