Redirect not loading React App

I followed the instructions for setting up a ‘catch all’ redirect for any non ‘/’ route and have the ‘_redirects’ file in my /public folder. It has solved the ‘Page not found’ issue and does direct to ‘index.html 200’. However, it then just shows a blank page. The app does not start.

What error have I made?

hi there, a few clarifying questions:

  • Have you opened your developer console - are there any errors that you can see in there?
  • can you give us your instance (netlify name) and the link where you followed the instructions? (was it from our docs or another source?)
  • I opened by developer console and found that there is an error - “TypeError: e undefined”. However, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I am not sure how to approach solving it?

  • My netlify name is ‘quizzical-gates-44db71’ I suppose. The link is goes directly to the issue is - .

This is the docs page I read - . I initially put it in the /build folder but that didn’t work. Although the docs didn’t say where to put the ‘_redirects’ file in the case that one opted to use it.

I guess because that docs page is not React specific and beyond that it might differ if it was static page generated by React.

Does the site build locally correctly? I am wondering if this is less an issue of your redirect not working and more of a build issue, given that we’re seeing a blank page with JS errors.