Redirect my site to other site


I currently host my site at netlify - my default subdomain is
and my primary domain is

I need to redirect all the traffic to this address ( to a different site
located on other hosted server different DNS name.

How can I do that using the tools at netlify?



You probably want to change your DNS records to match the ones of the other server. That would be better than a redirect. However, for the part of how it can be done, you’d find info on your DNS manager’s website. If Netlify is managing your DNS and your domain is purchased elsewhere, remove Netlify nameservers and you should be good to go.

@demi After you update your DNS settings to point to your other server, don’t forget to delete that zone from Netlify on your Domains dashboard.

You can also use a 301 redirect to send specific domain names or specific URLs to a site hosted anywhere (meaning hosted at Netlify or anywhere else - it doesn’t matter where it is):

However, if you actually want to domain to directly point to hosting outside of Netlify, that is done by changing the DNS records for the domain as others have commented above.

If there are other questions about this, please reply anytime.

Thx all for the info.

But still didn’t succeed to do the redirection.
I saw in the redirection options doc that there is a reference to _redirects file.
Not sure how can I access it (sorry I am new on netlify … and got it without overlapping …)

Can you point me to how can I directly access this file or any file of my site that is hosted here?

One more think - may i can add a js snippet on my pages to redirect.
is there anyway to do it ?

Thx a lot.

While you can ‘access’ your files on Netlify, you don’t need to for this purpose. You need to deploy your website again. Open your website’s deploy page and drag and drop the folder with old + new contents. You can add a _redirects file in that.

The same goes for your JS files too. Add all the content you need in a folder and drag and drop. Only the new and edited files are uploaded.