Redicrection to github

I have my web site hosted with Netlify (so far so good). I have also many small websites hosted on github.

For example,

I would like to be able to access them when people type

I am not sure how to configure netlify.

I hope my question is clear!

Hi there, to clarify:

  • you have the domain name registered and Netlify is managing that domain
  • you want to redirect people when they type in to a site that isn’t running on netlify but is hosted on github

is this correct?

Have you worked through our docs on


This is correct. I have browsed your documentation, but could not get it to work correctly. Any tips?

Hi @PMassicotte, can you share your _redirects file or netlify.toml if that’s where you have your proxy redirect rules?

Hi @futuregerald. I am so new to this that I do not have those. This is what I am trying to create, but not sure how. Basically, everything that is not should be directed to Is this something that can be easily done in the netlify.toml?

Sure. Two steps to ensure it:

  1. deploy no files outside of the /post path . We’ll serve any files you have deployed with this configuration!
  2. create a catch-all redirect to send everything that we don’t host to github. This is a valid netlify.toml file with nothing else in it.
   from = "/*"
   to = ""
   status = 301
   force = false