Read logs of a lambda function that has been proxied via _redirects

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I have deployed a golang function to a site that, let’s say, lives at

I added a proxy via the _redirects file that looks like this:

/* /.netlify/functions/foo:splat 200

Now my function can effectively be fired from any path.

Now, when I go to the function logs panel on Netlify’s dashboard, I only see logs for requests that went directly to the /.netlify/functions/foo path.

Is this a bug? How can I check the logs for the proxied requests? :thinking:

Hi @stefanmaric, you can’t currently see logs for a function that you trigger via a proxied address. We have an open issue to get this fixed but there are no solutions for it. You’ll have to trigger the function using it’s default address if you need logs for it.

A bummer since needed to check some logs on prod. :cry:

Is the issue tracked publicly? A way to keep track of it? Maybe even a PR?

No way to publicly track it, but we will follow up in this thread if the situation changes.

I don’t think it’s on the roadmap at present, since you could choose to not proxy the function call, right? Then you’d get logs :slight_smile:

In the specific project that started this thread it has to be proxied due to :palm_tree:〖aesthetics〗:dolphin:, since the feature involves passing links around in SMS messages and other chat systems.

I was able to find the bug in prod in spite of the lack of logs; so not in a hurry anymore.

But for sure would be nice to match the expectation of logs appearing every time the function is run, independent of how it was called.

Perfect. Thanks!

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Great feedback! We have a LOT of work to do on functions logs and we are working on a logging infrastructure for both that and builds right now, so here’s hoping we get down the list of issues to that one in the process :slight_smile:

So glad to hear you got things sorted despite the missing logs!

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