React Deployment - Cannot find file

Hi Guys,

Been trying to deploy my React app for a couple hours now.
It builds fine locally.

I’ve tried removing the yarn.lock file, changing the build script to ‘npm react-scripts build’, checked for letter-casing issues.

My instance name is ’ happy-goodall-7b90ff’
The errors I’m getting are:

failed during stage ‘building site’: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 1

But most telling:

Cannot find file ‘…/…/components/CheckList/CheckList’ in ‘./src/containers/Book’.

I am currently try whether or not adding the literal ‘.js’ to my imports is required by Netlify.
Update: that wasn’t the issue either


Hi guys, I figured out the issue.
If you’re having the same problem, please check the actual Github repository. Name changes don’t propagate the same way. I had to manually rename files on Github itself :roll_eyes:

hey @Dylan1! thanks for posting your solution! Glad you figured it out!