Questions about Team Management

I need to know more information about teams on Netlify Plataform.

I have two teams set up in my account and I want to know if each team has its own billing.

Is there any connection between the teams or is each one an isoleted account?

If I delete one team, will the other one still work?

Hi, @sistemacontabilizei, teams are independent.

If you are owner of two teams and one is deleted, the other team continues to function completely independently of the other team.

Yes. That’s what I was thinking. But, when I was trying delete the team there is a message: “This is a default team and cannot be deleted.”

Do I always need to have this default team? Do I always need to pay for this team?

Most folks’ default team is a free Starter team, so no payment or usage required :slight_smile: If you’re seeing charges, please let me know the team slug (the X in the URL ) so I can check into what’s happening for you.

My team slug is sistema. In that team I pay $49 for “Netlify Pro site monthly charge”. And, in my other team I pay $45 for “Pro team plan”.

I understand the charge about “Pro team plan”.

But, I don’t understand what is “Netlify Pro site monthly charge”.

Thanks for that info! The Netlify Pro site monthly charge is a legacy plan that we no longer offer. I can remove that plan from the account as it doesn’t appear you are using the main feature of that plan which is password protection.

Please let me know if that is what you want and I’ll take care of it!

Hi @laura

Yes, I’d appreciate it if you could make this change to remove this charge.

Done! You won’t get charged for this account again. Let us know if anything else is needed at this time.

My question was only about this additional team and the charge related to it.
It’s OK now.

Thank you.

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