Questions about moving pointing my GoDaddy Domain to my new Netlify hosting

For the last few years I’ve had my simple static website hosted at GoDaddy and also had an accompanying .com domain for it also at GoDaddy. After learning I could have not only more reliable, simple, faster, AND FREE hosting for my static site recently with Netlify, I am now planning NOT to renew my Godaddy hosting in august and just host my site with Netlify( I already have a test version running fine on Netlify without custom domain). Even though I’ve never done this before, pointed a domain to a site NOT hosted also at the domain company.

I called Godaddy to find out how to do this and they told me I will need the “A Record” and “WWW CNAME”.
How do I find those on my Netlify host?

Then they also said “Some web hosting may also ask you to change the Name Server, ask your hosting provider” What’s that about? Do I need to change anything in NS Servers in my godaddy domain settings or would I only need to edit the A Record and www CNAME?

If you already have your website hosted on Netlify without your custom domain, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to your site’s Settings > Domain management section.
  2. Go the to Custom domains panel and click Add custom domain and enter your custom domain name. You’ll be asked to confirm that the custom domain is yours, select Yes, add domain.
  3. Then you can either choose to use Netlify DNS, or you can add the Netlify DNS records to wherever your current DNS provider is.

Is GoDaddy also the registrar for your domain?

Here is the documentation for setting up external DNS if you don’t want to use Netlify DNS.

Here is the documentation for setting up Netlify DNS.

Also, you can find the full documentation for setting up your custom domain here.

Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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