Publishing two versions of one site

So, I’ve used Netlify really well and love the workflow, but I’d like to try something a little unconventional …

Right now, I publish my GatsbyJS site to my Netlify site on sales-person-bear-88032 which is using the domain

What I’d like to do is also build to another netlify site but use gatsby-plugin-no-javascript, the idea being that I could give the user the option to visit the JS enabled site if they wanted some extra features.

I think that using a build parameter would be a good option here, but I tried to set up a new Netlify install using the same GitHub repo and it’s not showing anything ( nostalgic-swartz-ce5a2b ), so I assume its not possible.

Does anyone have an idea of how I might be able to do that, perhaps using CircleCI or some other method …?

hm, @endymion1818, I don’t have an answer to your immediate question, but I am wondering if there is maybe a simpler approach.

Have you considered keeping all the content on one site and using a redirect to be able to distinguish traffic? or, using branch deploys for different kinds of content?