Publish a build through Netlify API/CLI

Hey there.

Is there a way to publish a build (to production) using Netlify API/CLI ( ) ?

I know there’s a way to manually deploy something using Netlify CLI, but a scenario about which we’re asking is:

  • Netlify automatically makes a build after a commit appears on github
  • laater on, our through manual approval process on our CircleCI, we want to notify Netlify, that a build for that given git commit, should be published on production .

It’s a requirement of our client, as we have many different apps and services, and deployment of all of them to production is currently done by approval jobs on CircleCI, and we would like to avoid the need of manually clicking the stuff in Netlify Dashboard, if it could be done automatically with CI instead.

Hi @jtom, yes this is possible using our API using the deploy restore endpoint:

You can find our swagger spec for the Netlify API at

This also should be possible with the new netlify api CLI command once this PR lands

netlify api restoreSiteDeploy --data 'the payload'