Provisioning SSL cert shows old domain I used months ago

I have a site on Netlify, that I originally had a custom domain of thatmacnerd .com. I no longer have access to that domain but I deleted it from Netlify DNS when I relinquished ownership of the domain.

I currently have set as a custom domain, with the nameservers pointing to Netlify, but SSL won’t provision and it has my old domains listed as the domains Netlify is trying to provision with the cert. I don’t want to delete this site and start over. It says “thatmacnerd. net doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify” but it is.

Please advise.

Hi @twhite96! Welcome to our community!

I just checked out your site and see that our system updated your certificate about an hour ago, and it now covers your .net domain. It could have been a case of DNS taking its time to propagate, as our certs can’t be updated until DNS is perfect. Are you seeing this on your end as well now?