Provisioning certificate for site is taking more than 24 hours

Sometimes it will say “DNS verification was successful” but I do not see https on my site. Do I need to just keep waiting or does this indicate that I did something wrong? I’m using a domain that I purchased through

hey there,

which domain is this regarding?

a bit long I know

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It’s a great domain name! very descriptive :+1:

site loads fine for me! Only thing i will say is that it doesn’t appear to have https set up, you are right.

Are you using Netlify DNS?
When did you set this up? it can take up to 48 hours for settings to kick in worldwide.

if it has been longer than that, please comment again and we’ll take a look, at least your site is reachable.

Yes I’m using the Netlify DNS and it’s been roughly 48 hours now and it is still not provisioning.

If I refresh the page, it will say “waiting on DNS Configuration” and if I click the “verify DNS Configuration” button it will say “DNS verification was successful” but I won’t see any changes

hi there, when I pull up your site I see the little padlock indicating your site is SSL secured. Are you seeing it as well? looks like it just took a little longer.

Yes all good now! The problem was simply that I needed to change my primary domain to start with www.

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