Profile Picture Change?

Hi. How can I change my profile picture?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

hi codeize, if you click on your avatar in the top right hand corner, and then on your username (slightly to the left), and then preferences, you can change your profile picture.

Hi Perry. Thanks a lot for your answer, does I’ve followed those steps, and it works on the community site, but is there a way to change it on the actual Netlify site? Again thanks so much. :smiley:

the netlify community forums and the netlify site are different systems :slight_smile:

I believe that pulls the avatar from your github repo when you link a site. But I am not sure if when you change your github avatar, that we update it on netlify :thinking:

would you try and let us know?

Sure ofc. I’ll give you an update when I’ve tried :smiley:

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great! I’ll send you a sticker for your help (in solving this mystery) as soon as we are allowed to ship swag again, how bout that.

Sure man. Thanks! I’m not near my computer right now but I’ll be able to sort it out in about 45 mins? Does that sound ok?

yeah, no rush! can do whenever, just comment here and we’ll see it :slight_smile:

Hi again perry. I connected my GitHub account and a website from my repository and my profile pic didn’t change at all… maybe I’m doing something wrong? If so sorry! I’ll try again if you give me specific information :smiley:

hey Codeize,

so it seems that you don’t have a way to change the profile picture after the fact! Unexpected, I know!

We do have an open feature request for his to be a thing you can do, so i have added your voice there. If we change the behaviour, we’ll update you here. Sorry to not have better news for the moment!

Don’t worry at all, perry. Happy to make Netlify a better place :smiley: Have a good one and stay safe!

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