Problem to provision Netlify / LE SSL certificate

I am trying to get the LE SSL certificates for my project cranky-morse-49069c through the Netlify console (step 3). I have configured custom domains. When I check back, it says it is waiting for DNS propagation. When I click the button for DNS verification, it says everything ok. But when checking back later on it is back to the spinning state and waiting for DNS propagation.

I tried to remove the custom domains and later adding them again, but it did not solve it. Any other options?

Hi @henrik2! Welcome to netlify community.

It can sometimes take up to 24 hours or even longer for DNS to propagate. The LE cert won’t be provisioned until DNS has fully propagated. If its been more than 24 hours please let us know and we can dig deeper!

It’s ongoing since Monday, so more than 24 hours

Hi, @henrik2. There are two AAAA records for the apex domain which do not point to Netlify. This prevents us from being able to provision an SSL certificate for that apex domain.

Please delete those two records and the SSL certificate provisioning should succeed. If not, please reply here again anytime.

@luke Ok, I deleted them, thanks for pointing out. I guess I have to wait for DNS propagation and then retry.

Hi, @henrik2, it looks like the SSL certificate is working now! :+1:

Yes, @luke, thank you.