Problem logging in all of a sudden

As of this morning I can no longer login to my site. Timing of this issue leads me to suspect it might have something to do with the URL migration from .com to .app. Grateful for advice on how to fix ASAP please?

You’re probably going to have to supply at least a little information about what you mean by “my site.”

Sorry, the forum said avoid posting personal info and I presumed you would be able to match my email with my login and get to my site that way



I’m just a civilian, so I can’t match anything with anything else, but even the admins typically need us to supply enough information to get to the issue. For example, you might have been referring to your account at, and you might have had more than one site with more than one login.

hey andy,

are you still seeing this issue? can you tell us a little bit more about how you are creating and handling that login?

We migrated many non-custom domains from .com to .app yesterday, as you probably already heard.

There are many more details in this thread:

I am wondering if you have something hardcoded that now longer works as expected. :thinking: