Pricing And Plans

Thanks for your patience while I made some time to check! I just confirmed that we sent ~38Gb of traffic in the past 30 days for via our CDN directly. There is about 32Gb of traffic for other sites in your account that adds up to the 70Gb that shows in our UI on your account’s billing page. I don’t see you as proxying anything off of netlify for remysharp . com, so between your netlify sites, that should account for all the traffic unless another site has an off-service proxy?

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Wow. Cheers. Wow. That’s a lot of blog visitors! I’d best get onto my service worker to try to releve some of that traffic.

Thanks again @fool :+1:

Do you know if there’s any plans to provide this overview of traffic usage on a per site basis in the netlify app ui?

Hi remy! Glad we were able to pull that data for you this time - for now we can’t do more, but that is a lot of blog visitors, you must definitely be doing something right! Maybe you should start a online class on generating blog traffic :thinking:

Remy - not sure if you heard but we JUST announced a new analytics feature at JAMstack conf london. You can learn more about that here. Introducing: Netlify Analytics!

So excited that the :cat: is finally out of the :handbag:!

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quick question.
How can I request for additional Bandwidth on a Starter plan?
I saw there’s the option in the Pricing page but I haven’t found how to apply for that option.


We’ll automatically upgrade you in case you need it. No need to “pre-pay” or pre-select it; as you approach the limit we tell you you’re approaching it via email and then with every package of 100Gb you use, we will email you a notice that we have added a package to your bill.

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Oh, simple as that! Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

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Here I am, again, with another quick question.

Can a user on a Starter plan create another Team on a starter plan?
( aka, a single user account with 2 or more Teams all using a starter plan.)

Of course, I’ve tried it already and when it’s time to pick a plan for the newly created Team I can only choose between Pro and Business, but at the bottom of the form, it says something like: for open source and starter plans contact support.


Hi @Karlbovsky!

At this time we only allow one free, Starter team per customer. :slight_smile:


Thank you @laura, yep, was pretty sure about that, just wanted to do a double-check :upside_down_face: