Previous site has been deleted but I still get custom_domain is owned by another account


I’m configuring a custom domain for our site but I’m getting the following error:

custom_domain is owned by another account


  • Site name:
  • Domain that we want to use:
  • Custom DNS error message: custom_domain is owned by another account

Additional information:

  • The domain was used as custom domain for another site on Netlify, which is owned by the agency that developed the site
  • They have deleted the site from their account
  • We have deployed the site to our account and it’s working fine (aside from the custom DNS)
  • We have control over the domain, so we can verify the ownership if needed

Help would be very much appreciated since our site is currently down. Thanks in advance!

Added TXT record for domain ownership verification

Just got the old copy removed so you should be unblocked to use it. Let me know if not, please!

It’s working now, thanks a lot!