Preserve query parameters on redirect

hey @thomasryu - thanks for checking in! I’m hopeful we’ll have an update for you at some point soon, and we’ll absolutely update this thread as soon as we do. thanks for your patience :pray:

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Has there been still any update on this?

Hi, @devLuko. Not yet. We’ll post an update here if/when there is a change.

Hey Netlify team,

Is there any progress on this? Even a schedule of when you plan to tackle it would help. As time goes on, preserving query params becomes more and more important for us, as we expand our campaign efforts, and move into new regions. We are coming up on a renewal, and I know this will come up as a hot topic, as most traditional systems will support this by default.

Not to mention, I have a few tests going that indicate to me that the base functionality we are supposed to have isn’t working correctly or consistently. I’m also curious if redirects are cached, and if so, how that affects the systems ability to forward query params.



We don’t publish timelines on major projects like these. I can tell you more than that, but none of it will be a promised delivery date:

  1. we started working on code to enable this some time ago, but there are a lot of needed pieces, requiring many developer-months to get designed, developed, tested, stabilized, and production ready.
  2. this is an area of our code that ALREADY has several implementations which we are trying to be as backwards compatible with as possible in this new version, which complicates the process substantially.
  3. we have a large scale overhaul of our redirects implementation in active testing now, on our own sites, at full scale. Aside from that testing, development and production-readiness work on the project, from a sizable portion of our engineering organization, is also actively in progress today.
  4. once that change is live, we’ll be able to implement this feature.
  5. once the feature is available, we will post here IMMEDIATELY, so you do not need to poll.

In the meantime, you can individually handle your query params in your redirects, as documented here:

Redirect caching is a large topic. Could you tell me what you are observing so I can speak to only the relevant parts?