Prerendering: Snapchat support


I am setting up Snapchat’s Creative Kit for Web, which allows sharing web pages to Snapchat.

They seem to be crawling for Open Graph tags with the following UA: Snapchat Creative Kit Web Share Google-HTTP-Java-Client/1.32.1 (gzip)

Is there an updated list of user-agents that will trigger prerendering? Is this list going to evolve?


We can update the list of user agents that receive prerendering, if we become aware that new widely-used services require prerendering (since updates affect all customers, we only do it for services in wide use). Do you have any docs to link to that this is a necessary feature for snapchat sharing? This is the first request and I’m surprised that nobody else has requested it if it is necessary…

Sharing from the web (instead of from a native app) was announced on October 24th, so that’s quite new. Here is a link to the doc:

The tags are used to generate a preview when sharing the page (screenshot below) and to add a custom sticker on the user’s story.

ah, that makes more sense then :slight_smile:

Do you find any documentation on their user-agent? We’d like to target what they document rather than what seems to be true since they are more likely to preserve that for the foreseeable future :slight_smile: