Polish only website. 60% of pageviews (14k) from USA. Why?

Hi, I have Polish only website konstytucja.online but 60% of pageviews (14k) is from USA. Any idea why? image

I think that may be fb, linkedin, twitter ‘funnels’. I have over 400 links on twitter, hence I think that these 431 in top sources are underestimated image

One of my colleagues suggested that it may be search engines bots :frowning: What do you think?

I’d guess it is the social sharing services - we just debugged this for another customer whose business and visitors come entirely from EU, but the social sharing services - twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc - are all US-based, and we DO include bot counts in our traffic logs.

and I suppose that in the case of this customer there are a couple of k views which are assumed to be just direct links from twitter, fb, linkedin (not bots), is that right? I wonder why these ‘funnels’ aren’t counted up with the correct ‘top sources’ :confused:

Hey @mzalevski,

Correct; it’s the direct traffic count which is likely to include the bulk of bots and scrapers.

well, I think that the “top sources” chart twitter count is underestimated. Three weeks ago I’ve started twitter marketing and my total pageviews per month has risen by about 8 k views. You wrote that 1) views from USA could be assumed to be from social media direct links and 2) direct traffic is likely to have a bulk of bot views. I am confused. Imho the direct traffic has to have direct links views from twitter included coz there is no other place :confused: