PHP test before subscription


I am making my own web.
I want to test my PHP.

Is there any way to get an email address on the server FOR TEST (before subscription)?

Hosun Kang

I’m not sure I understand what your question. As a JAMstack based web host, we don’t support serving any code that requires your own server-side code. As such, you can’t serve PHP files as-is. Let me know if that’s not what you were referring to.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I made a kind of contact form using PHP.
It requires the server to support PHP 5.3+ and PHP Mail function.

I want to check if my PHP code works on Netlify, before subscription.

Hosun Kang

First, you don’t need a subscription to see if Netlify works for you. You just sign up for the free tier and test away.

Second, Netlify serves static sites. Therefore, it is unlike a typical hosting service in that it does not serve pages with the PHP, SHTML, or other dynamic page extensions. It serves HTML pages with CSS and JavaScript, as those can be sent as static files and rendered on the client browser.

Third, with no PHP, there is no PHP Mail function on Netlify. For that matter, there is no way to send e-mail through the Netlify servers – that’s not the way it works.

If this is the type of functionality you need, I suggest that you open an account with Digital Ocean.


thanks for helping out, @gregraven!