Paths with accents not found and cause redirect

That’s a good point. i was mostly considering french urls.

We should make the effort to support these properly, so let me try to get a handle on when we can roll the bugfix.

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Hi @marcus ,

A little update, just in case : URL with accents are working on branch deploys.

Branch deploys and production deploys must be handled very differently because they clearly don’t serve the same purpose, but this still may give you some hint.

Do you have any news on your side regarding this issue ?


Hey @brunorzn,
We have an issue filed internally but I can’t say when the fix will be implemented and rolled out, especially as many folks (including Marcus) are out on holiday over the next few weeks. This thread is linked in the ticket and we will definitely notify you when it ships.

Thanks for the update @jen

We are going to manually write redirects, until this issue is fixed on your end.

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thank you for your patience @brunorzn :pray: we’ll be in touch.

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Hi, any news on this ?

We are using a big _redirects file for now, but it’s not ideal.


Hi, @brunorzn. The issue for this is still open. If or when it is known to be resolved, we will post an update here to let you know.