Page renders differently on Netlify than other service

Hi there,

I placed the Previous and Next buttons below the posts on both List template and Single page template on the blog I built with Hugo.

The problem is that they don’t appear on the single post pages on a live site. They work fine on localhost, they are visible when I open the file from public folder locally (after the Hugo command), but on the live website those buttons are not visible. I am getting the empty tag.

You can check what I mean here -

You will notice the navigation arrows on the bottom of the Home page and they work fine. The same navigation links don’t appear on the single posts. I uploaded the website to my vps to test it and it works as it should be.

Please compare those two pages. The first one is on the actual site hosted with Netlify, and the other one is on my vps.

See how the navigation links on the first link are missing from the very bottom of the page? So weird. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

The code is missing, too.

<a href=""
    >Sledeći Post <span class="arrow">→</span></a

You might check into that malformed closing A tag, too.

Apparently the problem was the Hugo version. It was different on my local install and Netlify. AFter adding environment variable on Netlify dashboard the site started working properly.

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thanks for closing the loop and letting us know!