Outgoing webhooks: GitLab commit statuses



I’ve set up https://rootkea.me with Netlify whose repo is at https://gitlab.com/rootkea/rootkea.gitlab.io

I’m trying to set up Gitlab commit statuses as outgoing webhooks explained here: https://www.netlify.com/docs/webhooks/#outgoing-webhooks-and-notifications

  1. It says “It requires a GitLab API token with access to the repository.”
    What kind of ‘access’ is required? While creating API token, Gitlab presents 5 different scopes: api, read_user, read_repository, write_repository and read_registry
    Which of these should be granted?

  2. Where exactly these commit statuses can be seen?
    I created GitLab API token with read_repository and write_repository scopes and tried watching commit statuses at https://gitlab.com/rootkea/rootkea.gitlab.io/pipelines but didn’t see any status.



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Hi @rootkea. Would you please try making and API token with the scope of api (instead of read_repository and write_repository) and let us know if that works?