Our website blocked in Russia?

Hello netlify team,

I have a question comes from our users that, https://iris-go.com hosted at netlify is blocked in Russia. As reported at: https://github.com/kataras/iris/issues/1394.

We want to know, if possible:

1. If that is true
2. If it’s true whats wrong with it and how can we fix it?
3. If it’s not true then what happens, is a specific user’s issue or Russia has blocked netlify?

EDIT: 1.

It’s true, the IP: is blocked because in the past, it was shared(?) with other domain in your servers. Source: https://isitblockedinrussia.com/?host=iris-go.com

Thank you a lot,
Gerasimos Maropoulos. Author of the Iris Web Framework

hi there, as I mentioned here and here

we are currently actively working on resolving this, and hope to have news for you on this soon.

thanks for your patience.