Only changed text error and bad build can not resolve

1:02:30 PM: Error: Cannot use GraphQLList “[HASURA_author_select_column!]” from another mo dule or realm.
1:02:30 PM: Ensure that there is only one instance of “graphql” in the node_modules
1:02:30 PM: directory. If different versions of “graphql” are the dependencies of other
1:02:30 PM: relied on modules, use “resolutions” to ensure only one version is installed.
1:02:30 PM:
1:02:30 PM: Duplicate “graphql” modules cannot be used at the same time since different
1:02:30 PM: versions may have different capabilities and behavior. The data from one
1:02:30 PM: version used in the function from another could produce confusing and
1:02:30 PM: spurious results.

hey @donaldboulton - glad you found us. :slight_smile:

Can you post some additional information please - we don’t know enough about what you are trying to do to be able to debug. Also, I recommend you check out this post:

to have some guidelines on how to get the best assistance from the Community :slight_smile:

Bare minimum:

  • what do you mean by “only changed text error”- please explain.
  • does your site build locally?
  • have you checked to see if you have duplicate versions of graphql listed as the error message reports? If yes, you’ll need to pick one.
  • what is your netlify instance name?