Og/twitter previews not working

Could you please help me find why twitter/OG previews are not working for this domain? I have everything implemented and I thought i might have to give some time for domains propagation. Iam afraid thats not the case. Twitter card validator is working fine, but i get no previews while sharing on whatsapp or anywhere else (including twitter). But it works on facebook. Please help. Also its worth noting that the domain name server has recently been transfered from zeit’s now.

URL - https://www.wismim.com

Hi, most Open Graph (OG) card services do not run javascript so if your site requires javascript before page is properly displayed it is often helpful to enable a prerendering service for your site.

We have more about this in our documentation here:

The Facebook validator is showing a card but think it is using the image OG tag below to make the card:


You might test enabling prerendering to see if this helps with Twitter and other sites. If there are other questions, please let us know.


Thank you for your response. In that case, I’m confused how https://www.alfalvin.co.uk is working without any issues. Nothing specific has been done for it to work. I doubt wismim.com has to do with some security headers. Please have a look



Hi, @wisabid, I don’t have any way to see the difference between the card validator and the posted link at Twitter.

If you are seeing an issue with a response we are returning, I’ll need more information to troubleshoot. For example, an x-nf-request-id header for an incorrect response.

This might be an issue which will require Twitter to troubleshoot. Have you contacted Twitter’s technical support about this? If so, what did they say? If you haven’t contacted them about this, I would recommending doing so as a next step.