Nuxt app visually larger once deployed to Netlify


I have been working on a Nuxt app and noticed that, once deployed, the site appears zoomed in or blown up a bit. I have attached a screenshot of the Nuxt default app. The left is the version on my local development environment, the right is the deployed version. If I build a production version on my local machine it also looks normal. I have scoured the web and can’t find anything, but I don’t see why this situation would be isolated to me. Anyone else notice this? Is there a solution?


Hi @avbibs,

Netlify isn’t modifying your code when it’s being deployed. You didn’t provide a URL so we can’t look, but I recommend making sure all your CSS is loading and being processed properly.

Hi, thanks for your response! I’m wondering if perhaps certain css files are loading in a different order. Spacing, fonts, etc are all larger when viewed in the Netlify deployed app. Here is a link if that helps:

If there is a more appropriate place for me to post, I am happy to do so.