Not found printed on a site connected to github custom sub domain

I connected a sub domain (cname) from godaddy. The original site is loading as expected. The custom sub domain returns 404.
I did nslookup and it seems that the subdomain does pointing to netlify. - not working. working (it takes some time to load though)


hi there,

can you please most information on your DNS setup? Also I didn’t see a question but I’m assuming you are concerned your site isn’t forwarding?

Thanks for your reply!
The dns records attached.

I’m not sure what exactly going on because nslookup shows that the subdomain does pointing to netlify but maybe some routing is missing in netlify or something.

Indeed, you are correct - netlify has no idea what site to serve for that domain. The DNS pointing to a specific site helps browsers find netlify, but we use the settings for your sites to understand which site to serve! So you need to add that hostname here: and then things will likely work as you’re expecting :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s working. It wasn’t clear to me from the docs. I thought that it requires when you connect a domain, not site domain…