Not being able to deploy

Since yesterday i have not been able to deploy my site i tried deleting my account and restarting but it has not worked please help

Me too.
My website that is not linked with github is doing the manual deploy by dragging the folder to the deploy’s page. But the other that has linked with github I cant anymore…
How can I just turn to the manual deploy again?

hey there!

@lizalvarezscudeller - we’ll have to unlink the repo for you before you can do a manual deploy. Do you mind telling us the site name please?

@Meowful - i can’t see your build log at the moment. If you are still having problems, do you mind pasting it? are you having the same problems as @lizalvarezscudeller?

Hi perry, it is
Can you please do it for the too?

hi there, which netlify site is pointing to?

@lizalvarezscudeller - we have unlinked those two repos for the two sites for you.

can you check and see if you can manually deploy now? apologies for the trouble!

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THANKS =) Working for both of them

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perfect! if anyone else encounters the same problem, please tell us netlify site name for each affected site, and we will unlink repos for you so you can manually deploy again.

When we release the functionality to do this through the UI, this problem will disappear…

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